Love sex deception the chronicles of online dating

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This study examined how differences in expectations about meeting impacted the degree of deceptive self-presentation individuals displayed within the context of dating.

Participants filled out personality measures in one of four anticipated meeting conditions: face-to-face, email, no meeting, and a control condition with no pretense of dating.

Results indicated that, compared to baseline measures, male participants increased the amount they self-presented when anticipating a future interaction with a prospective date.

Specifically, male participants emphasized their positive characteristics more if the potential date was less salient (e.g., email meeting) compared to a more salient condition (e.g., face-to-face meeting) or the control conditions.

In some ways, the prevalence of online dating in 2018 is a good thing.

With endless matches at their fingertips, singles don’t need much more than a smartphone to find the love of their life…right? The problem with today’s version of online dating is that people match with each other based on superficial qualities like looks, status, and even height.

Through an online surveying tool data was collected with 15 open ended questions.That’s why it’s important to be conscientious when choosing your online dating services and choose apps and sites that aren’t as focused on the superficial, like Meet Mindful, which places value on matching people who share the same passions. Or maybe your absolute favorite thing to do is volunteer.So how can you go about finding a partner you'll have a lasting connection with in the digital age? If you don't have a firm grasp on your passions just yet, take out your journal and take 15 minutes to write about the things that bring you the most joy. Whatever the case, once you get clear on these things, you’ll have a better idea of what your ideal match looks like.► Women did not engage in deceptive self-presentation.In recent years, computer-media dated communication has not only become extremely popular but has also begun to hold an important function in daily social interactions.

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► There was a control condition with no pretense of dating.

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