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Her latest is a shot of the model standing on a bed in what appears to be Jackson’s bedroom. The actress, who is currently married to Ashton Kutcher, explained that it was because she had been against the institution of marriage.When the reporter said she wasn't denying it, Brenda just smiled.The couple have yet to publicly announce their relationship, but all signs are pointing to yes, they are dating, and it's most likely because of their mutual friend Seth Green, who was part of the couple's scary date night with his wife.Christmas is fast approaching and that means sitting on the sofa, eating lots of food and watching the best Christmas films.Undoubtedly one of the festive season’s best movies are the Home Alone films.

"Park-goers said they were very cute with each other, holding hands and very affectionate," the source told ET.

Last night of shooting @changelandmovie Feels like the last day of school before summer break.

What an incredible ride this has been- can't wait for you to see it.

Following that, he starred in a series of other films the Good Son (1993), Party Monster (2003), Saved (2004) and Sex and Breakfast (2007).

Although his net worth is mostly from the films and commercial deals he starred in, he also made appearances in other recognisable TV shows including: Wish Kid (1991), Saturday Night Live (1991), Frasier (1994), Will & Grace (2003), and Foster Hall (2004).

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"Looked like they were having a great time." When Entertainment Tonight caught up with Brenda at the event, the reporter asked about her alleged budding romance with Macaulay, and she didn't exactly shut down the rumors.

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