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Madison wisconsin adult phone chat

”(I ring up everything and get permission from my manager to give him a discount.He ends up spending roughly 0 on all the donations.When I tell people about these incidents, they usually either apologize or reassure me that I’m very pretty and feminine. However, this elderly gentleman blows my mind with his response.) “You know, I’m 97, and I know I talk too much. None of what we were discussing was completely kosher, but it wasn’t completely illegal, either, and more importantly, it’s the right thing to do.Your job as a doctor is to take care of your patients, no matter what else gets in the way.”(I work in a hospital. As long as you’re trying to be a good person and not hurt anyone, none of the rest of that matters.”(For the ten minutes that it took us to walk back to his room, I received something between a lecture and a pep talk about my intrinsic value as a human being, regardless of my supposed trans or non-binary identity.We start asking every customer for donations, and we are surprised and touched by the amount of donations we receive.I am checking out one of our regulars who is known to be incredibly generous.)(The regular walks off, and I expect to see him back in a few minutes.

Whether it’s about an entitled person expecting they can sue everyone, a plight of a police officer who is just done dealing with stupid people, or scammers who picked the wrong person to try to defraud (don’t do it to a Not Always Right reader, they’re a savvy bunch! Got any stories about that would suit our new category? I work at a pet store and we receive word that a rescue group that we work closely with will be driving down to Texas to help rescue abandoned and stranded animals.The regular pays and leaves with his dog, leaving all the donations behind for the rescue group.Later that night, one of the volunteers for the rescue comes by to pick up any donations.If the insurance comes through, we’ll forward-date it to the time when he’s covered.If [Office Social Worker] just can’t make it happen, though, we give him the chemo, anyway, and request a round from [Free Charity Hospital] to be delivered here, since he’s getting all his stuff done here.

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My manager tells me to bring them over to surprise her.)(We were all on the verge of tears.

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