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Magazine health and dating profile phpmode

On the other hand, someone may have a chronic mental illness such as OCD or bipolar disorder but maintains well with treatment, has satisfying relationships, a job they like, and good social support.This person would be said to have a higher level of mental illness but also a very high level of mental health.We may be quite miserable but that does not mean we have a mental illness.We might be said to have low mental health, but we may have a very low level or no level of mental illness.Life circumstances change, and our state of mental health or mental illness changes with it.We can develop problems with anxiety, depression, addictions or other mental illnesses at different times in our lives.He had tried college before, received mostly C's, and dropped out to enlist in the Army.In the Army, he did fairly well, but not as well as he would have liked. As Richard told his story I noticed that he was distracted constantly by anything and everything inside my office and out my window.

The model below more accurately fits the relationship between mental illness and mental health.Everyone at any point in time could represent any point on the two dimensions.Our state on either dimension is fluid and not static.Addressing the mental health issue can prevent more debilitating problems from developing.When we are languishing in a bad job, a bad relationship, or struggling with some other aspect of life, our mental health suffers.

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Our circumstances can change (job, family, social support, and so forth), reducing our level of mental health or well-being with or without mental disorders.

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