Master slave chat room

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Master slave chat room

Eventually, this site will have a much wider variety of slave body types on display.If you have pictures of yourself or your property demonstrating Gorean slave positions or commands, please [Bara] [Belly] [Blanket] [Bracelets] [Bow(Gorean Bow)] [Heel] [Crawl] [Leading Position(Hair)] [Lesha] [Nadu] [Nestle] [Obeisance] [She-Quadraped] [Slave Lips] [Submission] [Sula] [Tower] [Whipping Position] [Wine] I would later become extremely familiar with such positions, but they were, at the time, quite new to me, and somewhat frightening.Each of these positions can be performed beautifully and gracefully by slaves of all shapes and sizes.Click on the thumbnail for each position/command for a page with pictures that show slaves in the variations of each one.She put the palms of her hands upon the tiles, and lowered her head to the tiles.

She will also be taught tricks, through which paces she may be put for the entertainment of her master's guests, such things as begging, lying down, rolling over, and fetching his sandals in her teeth. "Please do not put me in the slavery of the she-quadruped, Master," she begged. A girl who is commanded to make slave lips, or who receives the command, "Slave lips," must form her mouth for kissing. She fell to her knees before him, and lifted her head to regard him. Then, she knelt back on her heels, lowered her head, and lifted and extended her arms, wrists crossed, as though for binding. "I am your slave," she said, "- Master."" Page 16 - Hunters of Gor ""She is yours," he said.Among slave girls this is a common ways of signaling need, helplessness, a desire to please." Page 209 - Vagabonds of Gor "He suddenly snapped his fingers and, in the swift double gesture of a Gorean Master, pointed to a place on the dirt floor before him, almost simultaneously turning his hand, spreading his first and index finger, pointing downwards.I fled to him and knelt before him, my knees in the dirt, in the position of the pleasure slave, my head down, trembling." Page 143 - Captive of Gor "Now" I said, " and this is clearly a form of obeisance, bend forward and put your head to the mat, the palms of your hands on the mat. Now lift your head a little and come forward, substantially keeping the position.It was the Gorean love bow." Page 261- Marauders of Gor "The Forkbeard turned about and, one arm about Pudding, the other about Gunnhild, started from the dock. If he must move suddenly she will not, thusly, constitute an impediment to his action." Page 30 - Slave Girl of Gor "I held my left hand open, at my waist. But she never thought that such a gesture would be used to her. Women are helpless in this position." Page 409 - Beasts of Gor "The slave was pulled to her feet. The hand of Tanalion's man was then in her hair, fastening itself deeply therein. Swiftly the girl rose to her feet and, half crouching, put her head by my hand. " The girls now knelt in the coffle as pleasure slaves.She came beside me, and a bit behind me, and, crouching, put her head down, deeply. I fastened the fingers of my hand deeply and firmly in her red hair. I then, the goblet of paga in my left hand, her hair in my right,dragged her beside me, her slender chains rustling, to the nearest alcove." Page 59 - Rogue of Gor "Leading position, he said. Page 155 - Savages of Gor "Kneel, back on your heels," said the trainer to the dark-haired woman.

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  2. We've been out on a date and got to know each other really well. They have amazing customer support and the women are gorgeous,so far so great will update you further on the progress cause I have only been here 3 months. You have to be aware not everyone is on the site who is totally genuine.