Media center 2016 guide not updating

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Media center 2016 guide not updating

Here we discuss an initiative she spearheaded at the Free Library, a Teen Social Justice Symposium. Fisher, author of the latest book in PLA’s ‘Quick Reads’ Series “Building and Operating a Digital Media Lab,” about planning your media lab–including creating a vision, selling the concept, budgets, staffing, programming, and more.Resources For This Podcast: The Fountaindale Public Library’s Studio 300 Quick Reads for Busy Librarians Store […] PLA Deputy Executive Director Larra Clark talks with John B.Higgins, author of the latest book in the PLA Quick Reads series, shares wisdom gleaned from his years of experience providing library service to incarcerated persons; provides a thoughtful perspective on the American criminal justice system and shows how to provide the absolute best service to this group and the families they have left behind.Librarian Kyra Hahn shares her experiences navigating the intense bureaucracy of the Federal Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program and provides tips, advice, and explanations that can make the process easier for applicants.She teaches comics at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.We talk with Nicholas Higgins, director of Outreach Services at the Brooklyn (NY) Public Library.We talk with Gillian Robbins and Caitlin Seifritz librarians in the Business Resource & Innovation Center (BRIC) at the Free Library of Philadelphia about the BRIC and new ideas for updating the library model of providing services to business, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits.PL Assistant Editor Brendan Dowling talks with author Michael Callahan, author of 2015’s “Searching for Grace Kelly.” Michael is also a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and a former deputy editor at Town and Country and Marie Claire.

If there’s anything I want to change in the industry it’s the mindset that there is a single perfect power meter for every consumer.In the latest episode of PLA’s FYI Podcast, we talk with Erin Hoopes.Erin is head of the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Philadelphia City Institute Branch.Her new book, the follow-up to Marbles, is a self-help guide to maintaining stability with a mood disorder.It’s called “Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life,” and will be out this May.

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