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That will be more easy than application for fiancee visa, but anyway you will have to prove to the embassy that it is a real marriage, not just marriage to get visa for a woman.

Also you can get married in some other country like Cyprus - if you get married there this marriage will be considered legitimate both in Russia and the USA without need to make apostille for documents.

Western women don't even try to put make up to look seductive - they simply don't need it.

Being a result of diverse ethnic colors, Kazakhstan women are extremely beautiful, attractive, smart and active.

Each party as recipient of such proprietary information from the other party will disclose such information only to its employees or agents for the purpose of evaluation, and any employees or agents to whom such information is disclosed shall be informed of the proprietary nature of the disclosure and of this Agreement and shall agree to hold such information in confidence and be bound by this Agreement in the same manner that each party is bound.

On this visa Russian woman will be able to come to you for several months, during which you will have to get married with her.You can register on the site for free, place your photo and start communication at once.All the means on our site like chat, photo contests, game were envisaged to help you in the process of meeting Russian women.This Agreement shall be binding on both parties for a term of five (5) years from the effective date set forth above, except under the following conditions: (a) If a party can show that such information was in its possession at the time of the disclosure or, (b) If the information disclosed by one party to this Agreement is or become publicly known during the term of this agreement otherwise that through a breach of that party's obligations under this agreement or, (c) If the party later receives such information from a third party as a matter of right or, (d) If such information is developed by one party independently of any disclosures made under this agreement, as evidenced by that party's written records.To evidence their agreement to the foregoing, the parties have through duly authorized representatives executed this Agreement.

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We do our best to provide support and necessary information for our clients, there are many nice women on our site, but of course only you can make the final decision!

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