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Nerds guide to dating

“I should’ve made the million.” It might be some consolation: all these years later, Kremen’s stamp is still very much evident, in at least one major way. Online-dating seemed neither novel nor extreme to a generation that grew up online, nurturing social networks and watching each other’s lives play out in a cascade of relationship-status updates and Twitter news feeds. So Mehr and Zadeh launched Zoosk, a third-party dating application for Facebook. If they accept, then you can exchange messages with them and see their news feeds and photos.

New Game is the book that every geeky guy wishes he had.Seventeen years ago, Kremen, now 48, secured the domain-name “” from the government (when such was still possible), opened a small office in San Francisco’s South Park neighborhood, bought a 0,000 server on credit from Sun Microsystems, and launched what would become the Internet’s first mass-market dating site, a subscription-based service that promised, as the young Kremen reportedly put it at the time, “to bring more love to the planet than Jesus Christ.” The exuberance was short-lived, however.In 1997, investor infighting over whether to make Match available to gays forced a sale to Cendant, a consumer-services company, for million, of which Kremen walked away with a fraction.One guy says he can compute your “energetic compatibility” by punching the birthdates of you and your mate into an algorithm.When asked what information the algorithm takes into account, he shoots back, “Oh I can’t reveal that!

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