Okcupid dating personality types

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” Others are goofy, such as “what’s your theory on how Smurfs reproduce?As you answer the questions, you must also indicate what answers to the questions you would be willing to accept from potential matches and how important the answer is to you.Don’t worry, these questions are written in a witty and humorous fashion so you won’t get bored in filling them out.Some are pretty ordinary, such as “what is your favorite genre of music?

If you wish to bypass all of this, there is the option to sign in using your Facebook credentials — OKC never posts on your timeline.

By clicking on it, you can compare the answers that you and the user you selected gave on your profile questionnaire.

If there are no matching answers you will be notified with a message that reads “You All Have Issues.” OKC even makes a mismatch humorous.

OKcupid —also known simply as “OKC” — is one of those online dating sites that you have heard a lot about, but probably never tried.

It’s precisely for that reason that we undertook this little evaluation of OKC in hopes of giving you some insight into what makes it different. Final Word on OKCupid OKC is fun and can also result in effective matches. Originally launched in 2004, it has since blossomed into one of the largest dating sites in the U. Its growth has been even more impressive since it was bought by Match.com’s parent company in 2011 OKcupid has a web page that opts for the minimalist look.

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OKC includes the features commonly found on most modern dating sites.