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In the study, male and female undergraduate students were shown fake Facebook messages that “revealed” that their partners were cheating, either emotionally or sexually.

From the days of IRC (Internet Relay Chat), to AOL chat rooms, instant messengers, online dating sites, Facebook, Skype, and online video games like MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), we can see there are so many new mediums to connect to people that we never had the chance to before.

But with this new technology also comes the opportunity to use it to explore prospects of infidelity.

For the past thirty years, numerous evolutionary psychology researchers have investigated the gender differences in jealousy for couples.

Throughout this plethora of studies by different researchers, consistent results have been found: males are more distressed and worried of their female counterpart’s sexual infidelity, and females are more distressed and worried about their partner’s emotional infidelity.

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The messages said things like “You must be my soulmate!

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