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These are the steps; ALSO SEE : How To Download And Use Viber App Kindly leave a comment below if this post on how to set up oovoo with out downloading the app was helpful.

The Short Version: Long-distance relationships can often be difficult, but video chatting through oo Voo helps couples feel closer, even if they’re an ocean apart.

oo Voo lets you easily use your webcam to replace the placeholder avatar with your own face.

Transferring files in oo Voo is easy and when you receive new files, they arrive with very clear and helpful dialog.

Launched in 2007 and now run by Dayton, Ohio company Krush Technologies, Oo Voo is a free app available on Amazon Fire Phone, Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, i Pad, i Phone, i Pod Touch, Mac, Windows Phone, PC, and Intel Real Sense devices.

“There are so many subtle nuances in communication that happen only when you can see someone’s body language,” said Chris Wire, Chief Design Officer and Head of Product for Krush Technologies (oo Voo’s parent company).

I wonder if a dating service will integrate a feature or application like this for meeting rooms or virtual speed dating.

There are many ways to do Oovoo registration for new account and sign in without downloading the app.Sending text messages is fine when you don’t have time for much else, and phone calls are good when you need to quickly communicate a complicated idea.But nothing beats being able to actually see your partner’s face hear his or her voice, and that’s the quality experience oo Voo provides.My Mac came equipped with a webcam so I am all ready to go. Oo Voo is a dating site with instant messaging platform & video chat community built by LLC in the year 2007.

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