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Orderdating powered by vbulletin

This has happened twice before in the last 10000 years, absolutely decimating all civilization in the area (extinction level event).

The current settlements rest upon the utter ruination of an extremely old city and then the rebuilt settlements (that were destroyed in its second passing).

Perhaps, the Ritual has to be brought to her lair and the Ritual unleashed...which destroys some sort of conduit for the High Magic (perhaps an Arcane Gate or some such).

Obviously confronting and/or destroying Infyrana would be necessary to ensure the Ritual's success (as you would need uninterrupted access to her lair).

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I would make the "Hook NPC" be a member of an ancient order of sages/seers that are cloistered away in a nearby abbey or tower.

They would be keepers of chronlogy dating back to perhaps 10000 years ago and carry information that is all but lost to the current era.

These kobolds seem to have been based on "Tucker's Kobolds" by Roger E. An excellent review of the original module can be found here: We have a campaign web page which tracks our party's journey thru the Mountain (session #4 - 13): The thread where I get help hammering out the design of Infyrana the Red Dragon Mage as a 3-stage boss monster: If you use anything, let me know how it went Looking forward to your feedback!

The moment the 4e ruleset emerged, I felt that it would be perfect for a Dragon Mountain conversion.

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