Pay by phone webcams

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Pay by phone webcams

TV costs we signed up and first 6 months at 19.95 then it went to 34.95 for 120 channel package, also first 3 months included every pay channel!!! This great bunch of folks will be performing some of Dan’s Radio Reader Theater scripts for a fun filled Valentine event. Will have to check with Marv and see if he has any info. Dad bought it in 1946, just before I was born in ’47. I think we had a chicken coop for a while but only my pet Easter Rooster occupied it @!! Jerry, is there a chance that the order of the comments can be changed from the oldest comments at the top, to the newest comments being at the top?Be sure to check their website ( for details. Just checking out the snow situation on the lake, looks like winter! weather permitting, u will see some of the guys next weekend. Hi Mary, just a short note to say hi and a Merry Christmas. You do know that my Uncle Clarence and Aunt Kay lived there. Enjoy the cold weather, last weekend it was 70 degrees out here. I enjoy seeing the snow on the lake from the Web Cam. I have a few pictures I’d like to share with you and also see if you can identify 3 kids that we played with. It may encourage more postings if viewers see the latest comments posted at the top….might appear more ‘current’….a thought. Reply What a coincidence, this very morning on our way to Menominee, Mi we stopped in Coleman and bought an antique from a fine gentleman with the same last name as yours. Is there any chance that you could be related to this very fine man in Coleman. Reply Hi Lorie, I just have not had the time to do justice to the cameras.He is looking to find out if anyone remembers the Noers, or the Bierbaums.The Bierbaum’s had a local business and also had a place on Trump Lake.I love to see that your boat is there & then not there, imagining that you are out on the boat enjoying a wonderful day.

Reply We were at the Kress Inn, when I discovered late one evening the two lake cameras suffered a big fall. As far as wildlife goes, we always have deer in our back yard, but I have not seen one since deer season. Your fall is far more beautiful than fall we have here in the city of Chicago! Yes, the cameras will be in a heated box as last year built by my friend, Quentin, around the corner.

That saved me from having to buy new cameras, THANK YOU, RICH! The Brill Family Reply Jerry, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of so many loved ones. Looks like you are working on taking out the dock…. Reply Enjoy seeing what the weather is at the lake. I love this webcam, especially when it is such a pretty day like today! We’ve gone to Maiden Lake for the last 5 yrs & your lake reminds me very much of Maiden Lake.

I have them in my basement right now, looking out the patio door. Five funerals must set some sort of record (not a good one). I will check in at night & hope to catch the foxes! I usually visit during May and June each year at the Braun’s Lake House. Reply Hi Lorie, The cameras are located 20 miles north of Maiden Lake.

Tomorrow or the next day I will have them in their summer box and back on the lake. We are exactly 2 miles from Hy32 on Trump Lake Road. We are across the street and the camera that rotates is in our front window.

It got down to 7° last night, Spring is not here yet. Thanks for the gift of the webcams & the momentary escape they give me! I missed the first Trump Lake Association meeting since 1952 this year as we had to attend a graduation in Virginia, I do have more cameras that I move around for people to see work on their places or to see the foxes or bears or whatever, but I have been to busy to get them set up this year, but I will when I get the time.

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I called our lake association president Rich Wickersheim and asked him to check them in the morning and keep them from getting wet. However the foxes still come every night out in front. I have been having some modem/router problems and I have been busier than a cat on a hot tin roof.

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