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They offer a cast bronze kit similar to a Norris 51, but that is not in this type study. Although he has a website, contacting Bob by phone is often recommended over email.

2013 another maker starting offering a casting kit.

The main benefits of new are that the plane hasn't been subjected to years of abuse, neglect, or user modifications and you can get a plane to your particular specifications. James Bay Tool Co offers cast bronze kits of varying styles and in various stages from rough castings that can take considerable time to finish, to machined castings that are basically ready to go once you make the bun and handle and fit them and through ebay offers dovetailed kits.

There are a number of manufacturers of new infills, most will provide some customization, such as the wood used in the infill, the width of the plane iron, the materials used for the sides, etc. It appears to me that if there is a golden age for infill makers, we are in it and I hope buyers recognize their opportunity to buy extremely well made infills in a host of different styles while it lasts. I do not think they offer a coffin sided dovetail kit.

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