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• Goes on science rants where you understand maybe 10% of the words that come out of his mouth.• You can't really hold the Other Guy against Bruce, but he's still a little scary to think about. Pros:• Billionaire genius playboy philanthropist, but also seems OK with monogamy. • The facial hair really works on him IDK usually goatees are a nope but he's really working it.• Steve Rogers thinks he's kind of OK, so there have to be some redeeming qualities deep down inside. • Can reach everything you keep on the highest shelf.• Gives the warmest, safest-feeling hugs in all of Midgard.

Pros:• Opens every door, pulls out every chair.• Butt butt butt butt butt butt.• Would never even dream of mansplaining you because Peggy Carter whooped that nonsense out of him long ago.Cons:• Those hugs have also knocked the wind out of you more than once.• Once you've been with a god you're spoiled for life, dickwise.• Leaves his hammer on the toilet seat just to mess with you and thinks that shit's funny.Popularity alone was responsible for countless companies joining Facebook, despite not entirely understanding at the time the relevance to their business.They were keen not to miss out on such a large expanse of users and it paid off, opening them up to a massive audience online. Put simply, if you don’t put yourself in front of these 188 million users your competitors probably will. Tumblr provides the perfect blend of social media and content marketing, two essential driving forces for SEO in 2014.

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Cons:• That said, probably still a little hung up on Peggy Carter.• Never gets any of your funny movie references.• Actually, also probably hung up on Bucky Barnes. Pros:• Never makes you feel stupid despite being 100,000✕ smarter than you.• Knows the coolest bars and speakeasies to take you on dates.• Who needs a security system when you sleep next to a living weapon? )• Solid understanding that gendered clothing is nonsense and if he wants to wear a purple tunic top then by Jove, he'll wear a purple tunic top.• Secretly wonderful singing voice. Cons:• Will show up outside your two-story bedroom window all the time, like, "What?

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