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For example, “White/Asian” indicates intermarried couples between whites and Asians.

“White-Asian” means that the husband is white and the wife is Asian, in that order.

The multirace groups that grew the most were the white and black population (by 134% to more than 1 million people) and the white and Asian population (by 87% to about 750,000).

The census showed 16 states where the people who reported more than one race exceeded 200,000 or more. Each of those states reported a multiple-race population of 500,000 people or more. Maybe it’s the shade of your skin, the place you grew up, the accent in your words, the make up of your family, the gender you were born with, the intimate relationships you chose to have or your generation?

Blackberry smartphones come in different series with varying price classes while Apple has only one product line.

The app race started in 2008 when Apple introduced the Apple App Store to its users.

It could lower the number of people who are counted solely as African-American or Native American, said Marsh, and take away from political representation for those minority groups.

The division is made between the four main smartphone platforms, showing which ones are most popular and which one is the quickest growing in terms of smartphone sales."But I do think there are some challenges." The largest multirace groups in the 2010 census were white and black (1.8 million); white and “some other race” (1.7 million); white and Asian (1.6 million); and white and American Indian and Alaska Native (1.4 million).The white and some other race responses mainly reflect people who reported white with a Hispanic origin.As the American identity changes we will be there to report it.In America is a venue for creative and timely sharing of news that explores who we are.

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For more information about data sources and methodology, see Appendix 1.

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