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Radar love dating

Soon after came "geosocial" networking services such as Loopt and Brightkite.com, which allow people to keep track of friends and explore "social communities around your favourite venue." Today, the dating industry is teeming with GPS-based contenders, thanks largely to the i Phone.

Recently divorced, the New York-based video editor had the idea after she spotted a handsome man on her errand run but didn't have the courage to hone in with a pickup line. With stalker risks in mind, most will only reveal the distance between users, not their exact location.

As they inch toward you, you follow their progress," he said.

But there are many downsides people don't consider, he added, especially since few pore over the companies' privacy agreements.

"I have this very romantic view of meeting someone. They also let users block others if they become pesky.

But GPS dating also stirs numerous ethical concerns, said Hal Niedzviecki, Toronto-based author of . Niedzviecki has been experimenting with Google Latitude.

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