Rain dating jeon ji hyun dating someone with sleep apnea

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Rain dating jeon ji hyun

In the same year, Hyun-Bin was also cast for the MBC drama "Nonstop 4," which was quite popular.Through his work in "Nonstop 4," Hyun-Bin was able to improve upon his comedic timing.Hyun-Bin responded in interviews that he did not want to be evaluated soley by TV ratings and hoped to be recognized as an actor.[8] In 2010, Hyun-Bin performed in the Korean-U. produced film "Late Autumn" - a remake of the classic 1966 Korean film "Late Autumn".Hyun-Bin chose the movie because he felt the scenario would be fun to play.After the drama finished shooting, their relationship developed and they started dating in July, 2009.[7] In 2009, Hyun-Bin was cast for the MBC drama "Friend, Our Legend" - a remake of the 2001 box office hit "Friend".

The drama would also helped to develop Hyun-Bin's personal life as a bond was formed with main actress Song Hye-Kyo while working on the set.Prior to working on the series, Hyun-Bin prepared for his role by taking piano lessons and practicing a cold, cynical way to talk.[5] "My Name Is Kim Sam-soon" became a mega hit and received ratings in excess of 50% (one of the highest ratings for a Korean drama series).Hyun-Bin's character Hyun Jin-Hun was scripted as something of a perfect man and because of this Hyun-Bin became even more popular with female viewers of the series.Hyun-Bin would play a man suffering from a mental illness and institutionalized in a mental hospital.Prior to taking the role, he wasn't sure if he could play the character adequately, but he told the director that he would do his best.

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Hyun-Bin's friend did not have driver's license at the time so he didn't stop his motorcycle.