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Kubrick, Clarke and Lange didn’t put it so far out into the future that we couldn’t feel it.

Founded in 1983 by Theron Kabrich and Jim Hartley, San Francisco Art Exchange LLC (AE) has represented historic pop culture artworks created by over 200 of the world’s most accomplished and significant artists and photographers.

Among its hundreds of sketches, drawings and illustrations, from early concepts to the final designs, are many of the central elements that figured in , including: The Orion III Spaceplane – the craft that took commercial passengers from Earth to orbit.

Space Station 5 – this gigantic wheel-spaced craft rotated to create artificial gravity in order to acclimate passengers to space.

He then went to the US Army Ballistic Missile Agency (AMBA) before heading the Future Projects Section at NASA, where he worked on spacecraft designs.

While preparing to leave NASA, Lange met science fiction author Arthur C.

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Kennedy celebrating the centennial of his birth in cooperation with the Kennedy Foundation, with a percentage of the proceeds benefitting the foundation.