Restoring ipod without updating software

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The only way to unlock disabled/locked i Phone is to restore your device.

Just follow these tutorials (which also work for disabled i Pad and i Pod Touch): If you’ve synced your device with a trusted computer before, use i Tunes.

In some cases, you may have a bad USB port or a bad connection with the USB port.

i Tunes will seemingly work at the beginning, but as soon as your restore process begins, an error pops up at the worst time because connection was lost or couldn’t be established to begin with.

If Apple is no longer signing the firmware you’re trying to restore to, then i Tunes may throw an error when you try to restore to it.

You can use check if Apple is signing a firmware or not.

You can check Apple’s system status webpage at any time to make sure that everything’s up and running.

Here are some of the most common error messages you might receive, and why: If your computer, whether it’s a Mac or a PC, has an issue with anything related to downloading the new i OS firmware or making a connection with Apple’s servers to verify a restore, you may receive any of the following error codes: On paper, these error codes mean nothing; but now that you’re reading this walk-through, you’ll know these errors are related to networking issues.All anti-virus and firewall software are going to be different from one another and there are seemingly endless options out there, so there’s really no way to give you a universal step-by-step ‘here’s how to fix this problem’ list for this scenario.Follow your gut feeling and/or contact your software’s support team if necessary to make sure the software isn’t conflicting.If you remember your Apple ID and password, try Find My i Phone in i Cloud.If you’ve never synced your device or set up Find My i Phone, use Recovery Mode.

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My little brother forgot i Phone passcode that he set on my i Phone 5.

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