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Rich dating

A tank excavated at Sringaverapura near Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, dates back to the 1st century B. Rama began his 14 year exile from here and could well have drunk water from this tank.Excavations have unearthed a fully brick lined tank that is 800 feet long, 60 feet wide and 12 feet deep.

Like the geisha tradition in Japan, their main purpose was to professionally entertain their guests, and while sex was often incidental, it was not assured contractually.

The Indus Valley cities had excellent systems of water harvesting and drainage.

Dholavira, laid out on a slope between two storm water channels, is an example of sophisticated engineering.

In the hills and mountainous regions where there are plenty of streams, simple engineering structures were used to divert the water into channels that fed the fields.

The structures became more sophisticated and much bigger when the streams turned to rivers. In the arid and semi-arid regions, where the streams are more seasonal, the diversion channels first led the water to a storage structure like a tank for later use.

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Rivers were the obvious location of civilizations, and different civilizations utilized them in different ways.