Rockbox database not updating

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Rockbox database not updating

Versions of Rockbox have since been produced for more sophisticated devices, these perform audio decoding in software, allowing Rockbox to potentially support many more music formats than the original firmware, and adding the extensibility and increased functions already present in the Archos ports.

Rockbox is run from the hard drive or flash memory after being started with a custom boot loader, so to upgrade Rockbox, users need only copy the files onto the player's drive and restart the device.

Instead, it offered a greatly improved user interface and added plug-in functions absent in the factory firmware.

Rockbox can be permanently flashed into flash memory on the Archos devices, making it a firmware replacement.

As of 2012 all Rockbox ports have been accomplished by reverse engineering with little or no manufacturer assistance, as free software, many Rockbox developers and supporters hope to eventually see official manufacturer support for new ports, or at least unofficial assistance in porting Rockbox to new devices.

It is intended to add several features to the rockbox database that the rockbox firmware does not currently implement.

This HTML5 speed test does not require Flash or Java, and works on all devices including tablets and smartphones.

It offers an alternative to the player's operating system, in many cases without removing the original firmware, which provides a plug-in architecture for adding various enhancements and functions.

Enhancements include personal digital assistant (PDA) functions, applications, utilities, and games.

Rockbox can also retrofit video playback functions on players first released in mid-2000.

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About one year later, a port for the H3xx series became functional, offering similar functions; in late 2005, work began on a port of Rockbox to Apple's i Pod portable players based on CPUs from ARM Ltd.

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