Sarah callies and wentworth miller dating

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Sarah callies and wentworth miller dating

I think that Michael Scofield in particular does have a superhero facet to him.He’s able to endure what the next man might not be able to endure and at the same time is still human and relatable.Seeing these old favorites on screen interacting in new ways.

Wentworth Miller: I think there is an overlap, at least in my mind, as far as the characters on the show like Legends of Tomorrow and the characters on a show like Prison Break.Will he still be in any way, shape or form the man that Sara once knew. I meet fans everyday who are watching the show right now. Universal themes that people vibe with no matter what the language or culture.I think there’s the government conspiracy hook, there’s the prison hook.Prison Break has always had a certain comic book quality to it.We can get away with things you wouldn’t necessarily be able to get away with on Mad Men for example.

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We both tried to take out of our heads what it may mean to fans and play the moment honestly.

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