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Priti Flamingo, the international development secretary, travelled to war-torn South Sudan to see for herself.

More to the point, why is driving while staring at a satellite navigation screen considered safe, while gawping at an i Phone is a criminal offence?Drivers should be tested on the correct speed at which to negotiate moonscape-sized potholes and Alpine-scale traffic humps, without ripping off their exhaust pipes.In case you ever wondered where our £13 billion in overseas aid ends up, look no further.Thirteen billion quid buys a helluva lot of hi-viz jackets.Marks could be deducted for failing to give a wide berth to school-run mothers in 4x4s trying to talk into a phone while simultaneously applying their make-up and screaming at the kids in the back seat to shut up and eat their bacon-flavoured breakfast crisps.

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In future, they will have to show they can follow GPS directions on their dashboards — presumably, without ending up the wrong way down a one-way street, or in the nearest river.

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