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Sec stock option backdating

Due diligence can also refer to the investigation a seller does of a buyer; items that may be considered are whether the buyer has adequate resources to complete the purchase, as well as other elements that would affect the acquired entity or the seller after the sale has been completed.

In the investment world, due diligence is performed by companies seeking to make acquisitions, by equity research analysts, by fund managers, broker-dealers, and of course by investors.

For individual investors, doing due diligence on a security is voluntary, but recommended.

Broker-dealers, however, are legally obligated to conduct due diligence on a security before selling it.

This prevents them from being held liable for non-disclosure of pertinent information. Securities dealers and brokers became responsible for fully disclosing material information related to the instruments they were selling.

Due diligence became common practice (and a common term) in the U. Failing to disclose this information to potential investors made dealers and brokers liable for criminal prosecution.

Sometimes just reading about some of the competitors may help to understand what your target company does.

A standard part of an initial public offering is the due diligence meeting, a process of careful investigation by an underwriter to ensure that all material information pertinent to the security issue has been disclosed to prospective investors.

Before issuing a final prospectus, the underwriter, issuer and other individuals involved (such as accountants, syndicate members, and attorneys),will gather to discuss whether the underwriter and issuer have exercised due diligence toward state and federal securities laws.

This information along with market cap should help answer basic questions like whether you can own the shares in your current investment accounts.

Step 2: Revenue, Profit, and Margin Trends When beginning to look at the numbers, it may be best to start with the revenue and profit margin (RPM) trends.

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Every company is partially defined by its competition. Looking at the major competitors in each line of business (if there is more than one) may help you nail down just how big the end markets for products are. Is its industry growing overall, and could its position in the field change?

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