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KEITH: Really, you know my mom's one quarter Cajun.

KEITH: Well, goodnight ELAINE: Good night [they kiss - REALLY KISS] ELAINE: [mind] Who does this guy think he is?

ELAINE: ooooh ahhh [Mike and Carol's Apartment] KRAMER: (to baby) Koochie koochie koochie koo JERRY: (to baby) Hello.

KEITH: Well, there was two outs, bottom of the tenth, we're one out away from losing the series.

George Costanza (Jason Alexander) character wasn’t the leading role in Seinfeld Tv Series but according to fans, he was the reason of success.

You know he's the one who got that hit … JERRY: I know.

JERRY: So, did you two, uh, … have uh, … ELAINE: What?!

Transcribed by The News Guy(Mike) Jerry - Jerry Seinfeld Kramer - Michael Richards George - Jason Alexander Elaine - Julia Louis-Dryfus Keith Hernandez - Himself Rae Allen - Mrs.

Lenore Sokol Richard Assad - Cabby Wayne Knight - Newman Written by: Larry David and Larry Levin Directed by: Tom Cherones [New York State department of Labor] MRS.

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Pitt; he truly steals the show in this episode, and his final scene alone is one of the season's most laugh out loud hilarious moments. Michael Richards and Jason Alexander are at their best.