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The unintentionally hilarious altercation has been viewed over 1.5 million times in the last 24 hours after it was published on social media.The incident took place on Albion Avenue in Shildon, County Durham on Sunday afternoon.Black Juicy retaliates and throws her mug of tea at Lyndsey's face.However remarkably Lyndsey manages to kung-fu punch the cup away from her face. so they are the minority, but still they ruin the vibe. This is a new-ish building & it's in a great location with really nice amenities.I've lived nearby and loved this building since it was completed, but it's impossible to get in there (apts are gone in a day if they come up). I think I can get it, but the issue I have with it is that, despite being 1100 sf, the floor plan is very odd..that square footage is being devoted to halls and dead space and a monstrous kitchen. I'll start with four sounds that have annoyed me in the last few days alone.1) Feet shuffling.I hear people shuffling their feet in public and it takes all of my will power not to shout and tell them to pick up their damn feet.2) The sound some flip flops make when they slap against the bottom of feet.Walk quietly please and save noisy flip flops for the bingo parlor or round your trailer park.3) The sound of an apple being bitten into.

A team of researchers in Canada found that common supplements such as multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium and vitamin C provide no protection against heart disease, heart attack, stroke or premature death. In the past, Americans have invented airplanes and automobiles; we've won wars, liberated nations, and defeated the Nazis; we've traveled in space, landed on the Moon and created the internet.I really hate this one, especially if it's accompanied with loud lip smacking and chewing.4) The sound of a paper takeout bag crinkling as some mouth breather rifles through it in eager anticipation of whatever high fat, calorie and carb laden treasure it contains.You're a human, not a piglet and believe it or not, your greasy burger will be still be in there in the extra second it takes to open the bag slowly and with some decorum.Whereas straight men are forced to suffer in silence.Single straight men's lives are hellish, lonely and empty.

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There's a hot Geordie chav in it , too.----Shocking footage shows a brawl breaking out between two drunk women on the streets of County Durham.