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Abortion may be classified into various categories depending upon the nature and circumstances under which it occurs.For instance, it may be either, (i) natural; (ii) accidental; (iii) spontaneous; (iv) artificial or induced abortion.It may be procured at any time before the natural birth of the child. 'When does life begin' is a key question to be addressed in the matter of abortion.Technically, by definition, abortion is destruction of life after conception and before birth.

Since such termination raises a conflict between the rights of the child and the mother (the child's right to survival and the mother's right to terminate the pregnancy), who is competent to adjudicate the claim?

Accidental abortion very often takes place because of pathological reasons where pregnancy cannot be completed and the uterus empties before the maturity of fetus.

Induced abortions is denied in law as an untimely delivery voluntarily procured with intent to destroy the foetus.

The fact that during the second or third trimester, almost all countries restrict interference with the foetus except on medical grounds implies that they regard interference with the foetus as deserving of legal condemnation.

Such condemnation could only be on the basis that there is some kind of life deserving protection. The Mother: Abortion raises a variety of moral, legal, social and medical questions.

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