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It is a process designed to break a person’s individuality and replace it with their cloned group-think.

If a person still does not bend, then an artfully crafted piece of gossip is skillfully inserted into the grapevine to destroy the person’s character. I watched it happen to others, and I experienced the pain, frustration, and humiliation of it, when it happened to me. Faced with forces they feel unable to escape from, they adapt.

I wondered then, just who, or what, I had become involved in.

The three years I spent there were three of the hardest years of my life.

I did not know much about the ministry, but I needed a job and the idea of working for a ministry seemed appealing.

The Swaggart’s seemed nice enough at first, but I was soon to find out that this kindness was only offered in exchange for my complete loyalty and subjection to totalitarian-like control.

Since they set themselves up to be the ultimate judge of good and evil, their employees live in a state of constant fear of failure, fear of being fired, and constant guilt and shame over perceived wrongs they may have committed against the organization.

It does not help that the rules seem to constantly change or that there are two sets of rules.

Three years ago I moved from North Carolina to Baton Rouge to begin a job as Webmaster for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.In the days that followed, the print-shop worker who had been so outraged over what he had been asked to print decided to talk to Jimmy.He was still under the impression that Jimmy did not know.Your enemy seems like they are your very best friend and advocate and only have your very best interests at heart.At Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, people come to expect humiliation, isolation, ostracism and punishment, because they can never live up to the ideal.

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Individuality is not prized at JSM and is targeted for special treatment.