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A conspiracy cannot be said to have existed in Dealey Plaza unless evidence exists from which, in Justice Holmes' words, a "partnership in criminal purposes" may be inferred.

Because the Commission did not find any significant Oswald associ- It might be suggested that because of the widely varying meanings attached to the word "conspiracy," it ought to be avoided.

As the evidence concerning the probability that President Kennedy was assassinated as a result of a "conspiracy" is analyzed, these various connotations of the word "conspiracy" and distinctions between them ought to be constantly borne in mind.

Here, as elsewhere, words must be used carefully, lest people be misled.

Unlike the Warren Commission, the committee took a close look at the associates to determine whether conspiratorial activity in the assassination could have been possible, given what the committee could learn about the associates, and whether the apparent nature of the contact should, therefore, be examined more closely.

Third, the committee examined groups-- political organizations, national governments and so on--that might have had the motive, opportunity and means to assassinate the President.

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