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Some have argued that this provision may backfire on female employees, making many employers more reluctant to take them on, specifically if they have young children.

The New Law introduces an increase in sick leave from 45 days per year (15 days at full pay, 15 days at half pay and 15 days without pay) to 55 days (15 days at full pay, 20 days at half pay and 20 days without pay) (Article65 ).

Employers will now be liable to compensate employees for any delays in payment of monthly salaries at the rate of 6% per year for wages that are delayed for six months or less.

This rate is increased at the rate of 1% for each month's delay thereafter up to a maximum of 12% per year.

The procedure for settling labour disputes has changed.

A Labour Case Administration Office (the Labour Office) has been created as an attempt at ensuring, wherever possible, amicable settlements.

Such employees will now be employed under clear contractual terms in line with all private-sector employees.Under the old law, maternity leave was provided at 45 days paid leave with a further 15 days unpaid.The New Law provides for 60 days paid leave and an additional 15 days unpaid (Article32).Further and significantly female employees with children under six years of age are now entitled to leave without pay for six months to care for their child.This leave may be taken on three separate occasions (i.e., for three children) during an employee's service.

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This is seen as a major component of preventing human trafficking in Bahrain.

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