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The spirit of religious revival was in the air, but not everyone was celebrating.

The inevitable backlash to these often strange (and sometimes dangerous) new religious sects led to the rise of the “counter-cult movement.” Not surprisingly, Christian fundamentalists would play a leading role.

He then mumbled something about a Satanic cult and claimed to have information relating to the Levesque murder.

With no other leads in the case, they arranged for a formal interview to see what exactly the peculiar man knew.

The threat of one’s children falling victim to some crazed cult seemed very real. From within this social context a cultural phenomenon known as ‘The Satanic Panic’ was born.[1] Fueled by religious fanatics, quack psychiatrists and the tabloid media, it was claimed that a vast Satanic criminal network existed throughout the country.

Organized devil-worshipers were responsible for any number of heinous acts – including kidnapping, child abuse, animal mutilation, rape, torture, human sacrifice and cannibalism – all of which was taking place under our very noses.

As it turned out, Fall River’s criminal underworld was ruled by Satan at this time. If the witness accounts of various drug addicts and low-level criminals are to be believed, the local vice trade was controlled by a cult of devil worshipers who took their directives from the Prince of Darkness himself – who, in turn, was paid off in sacrificial blood and human souls.In the end, ‘The Fall River Cult Murders’ became the most sensational criminal case to come out of the city since Lizzie Borden stood trial for butchering her parents nearly a century earlier.The body of the first victim was found on October 13, 1979.By all accounts, Andy Maltias was a mentally unstable creep.He was a pedophile, a sexual sadist, a violent rapist and, as of a recent religious conversion, a devout Christian.

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Some found refuge in communes, others turned to drugs or diet fads.

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