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If you go to your Settings page and click on Profile, you will see privacy controls for a variety of profile related issues.If you click on the Account tab, you can adjust privacy controls for advertising.How they knew about the guy I emailed, I still have no idea…But wait, according to Linked In’s Help Center on the People You May Know feature, these suggestions are based on just 2 factors (straight from the Help Center page): I don’t currently and haven’t previously used the Imported Contact feature and as described above, several of these suggestions share no clear link to me in the online world—connections, experiences, companies, industries and school included.We have been married now for a year and expecting our first child in March!

Every time I sign in, I’m startled by one of the names they suggest.

On another note, it seems that Facebook in sensitive about this topic, as I received this prompt when I disabled instant personalization: I still believe that Linked In is using the search history of others to suggest “people I may know” to me, which sort of make sense.

However, I am still stumped on how they came up with some of these names.

I voiced my concerns to their customer support–ahem—their “Trust & Safety” team, and received only canned responses.

If you have any more insight on this, I would love to hear it.

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Herman follows me on Twitter, but happens to live in the Netherlands. Doug lives in New York and contacted me through my personal site a year ago. We share no groups, no connections or anything else.

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