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Speed dating in oxford

He had set out to ride my route to Cambridge, to have tea with our dad and then ride back to Oxford; he’d done the same in two previous years.Meanwhile I was testing a newly-drafted route from Staines to Cambridge where we would have met.Among the most able, these success rates soared to 44.4 per cent and 29.5 per cent respectively.Oxford University spokeswoman: 'We do not know students' A-level grades when selecting, as they have not yet taken their exams.I suspect it was just as well that he did ride it that quickly, as he will have been trying to keep warm: the temperature was below freezing when he set off, and barely rose above 2°C all day. (Weather data from University of Cambridge Digital Technology Group.) Thanks to Nick for advising of the road closure at Ashendon.On Saturday 24 September 2016 and the overnight thereafter, Mark Charlton rode it Oxford-bound.He reports that riding solo this time meant he paced himself better and so his overall time was over an hour quicker (yet!

They are based on the author’s observations, and those of various people who have helped. On 3 June 2017, Antonin Delpeuch rode my route Cambridge-bound in 8½ hours on his touring recumbent bicycle, a Velotechnik Street Machine, to attend a Wikimedia meetup.

However, something went wrong: Rupert and a car collided at the Tram Hill crossroads near Brill; he was attended by the wonderful Thames Valley Air Ambulance (a charity which richly deserves support from us all).

After 10 days’ Intensive Care at the John Radcliffe Hospital and a further 2 weeks on the Trauma Ward, he was discharged home.

On Saturday 2 & Sunday , Rich Lawrence rode to Oxford in a little over 7 hours, returning to Cambridge on Sunday in 6½ hours despite the rain.

He noted that a new pedestrian crossing has been installed in Sandy on the B1042 between the railway bridge and the Everton turning.

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