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You can use a database link to update a remote object only if you are using Oracle Database distributed functionality.

If you omit to indicate that Oracle Database prohibits any changes to the table or view that would produce rows that are not included in the subquery.

If you omit the WHERE clause, all records in the table will be updated!

If no default value for the corresponding column has been specified, then the database sets the column to null.

Get your columns` names into rows in excel sheet (write down at the end of each column name (=) which is easy in notepad ) on the right side make a column to copy and paste your value that will correspond to the new entries at each column.

Then on the right of them in an independent column put the commas as designed Then you will have to copy your values into the middle column each time then just paste then and run I do not know an easier solution update T1 set T1.

Table1 VALUES(1, 10.0), (1, 20.0); INSERT INTO dbo.

If the UPDATE statement could change more than one row while updating both the clustering key and one or more text, ntext, or image columns, the partial update to these columns is executed as a full replacement of the values. ID; SELECT * FROM @x; GO Puede especificar sugerencias de tabla para invalidar este comportamiento predeterminado durante la ejecución de la instrucción UPDATE especificando otro método de bloqueo, sin embargo se recomienda que solo los desarrolladores y administradores de bases de datos experimentados usen las sugerencias y únicamente como último recurso.

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When used in the subquery of a DML statement, you can specify this clause in a subquery in the can be a subquery, a column, a function, or a collection constructor.

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