Stealth dating

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Stealth dating

Unlike many similar programs, the Stealth Attraction is not based on verbal communication but rather on non-verbal approaching techniques that improve men’s ability to connect with women in a sensual way and in a really short time, usually under ten minutes.La Ruina claims that, if you decide to use the system, you will never have to face rejection ever again and you will be able to successfully transform a new interaction into a viable romantic affair.On the other hand, if you are an attractive man who has no issues in drawing the attention of a woman, you can probably use the Stealth Attraction with success.However, keep in mind that the techniques presented in this program are meant to be used to awaken the feeling of desire in the woman you’re interested in when your only interest is that of sleeping with that woman.The idea of being able to get virtually any woman into the bed at only a few hours after meeting her can be more than appealing to almost any man out there.However, there are a few things to consider before buying the Stealth Attraction.

Stealth Attraction is a confidence-building system developed by Richard La Ruina, commonly known as Gambler.For this reason, many may find this system rather limited.That being said, you are probably curious to find out who Richard La Ruina is, especially if you are unfamiliar with the pick-up artist (PUA) industry.Richard La Ruina is a relationship expert that decided to help all those men who feel insecure when flirting with a hot woman, helping them overcome their nervousness and get better results from a light conversation.In addition, the system aims to teach men a few innovative techniques that should be used to override the defensive behavior of women, making them lower their guard and become more interested in having a one night stand.

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Being based on creating a sensual approach using the perfect touches and glances, La Ruina developed this system to be specifically used under certain circumstances.