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This is literally the first time I have ever worn sneakers outside gym class.On top, I stuck to the same color palette with a lace-up crop top and a moto jacket." data-reactid="252" that one of the reasons she's photographed in sweats so often is because she's actually, you know, working out. Inspired, I put on the sportiest thing I've ever worn: track pants with the sides unsnapped and high-top sneakers.), Gigi's style gave me the confidence that maybe - just maybe - I, too, could throw on sweats, head outside to the streets of New York, and look that cool.Sweats are laidback and sporty; I'm high-strung and basically haven't worked out since the final bell rung during my last high school gym class five years ago. Yes, he played quarterback in college and threw a touchdown in the Super bowl, but the man has made his name hauling in passes, not throwing him.And yet, the Patriots are so desperate that they may be forced to put him under center on Thursday night.But since I'm trying to look #fashion, I went for the brand's new jogger silhouette (check the skinny fit at the ankles), matching velvet Mary Janes, and a black cashmere sweater with a fur collar.You can tell I'm fancy because I'm wearing lipstick and even did that thing where you wrap a strand of hair around your hair elastic to hide it.

But with a few styling tricks and a burning desire to feel comfy AF 24/7, I was prepared to take on a challenge: seven pairs of sweats, seven days to channel my inner Gigi.

The other way you can tell I'm fancy is that I have the word "JUICY" spelled out in blue and gold rhinestones across my butt, just like all fancy people do at all times.

One reason Gigi looks so cool, I think, is because she's committed fully to the look: her sweatshirt matches her sweatpants.

After work, I headed to a dance studio called Broadway Bodies to learn the choreography from the music video for Justin Bieber's "Sorry." I just took off the jacket - the rest of the outfit was perfectly appropriate for working up a sweat In my head, I imagined this as the perfect outfit for a casual study date with a cute boy.

Instead, I wore it to work alongside my six female coworkers, who are also cute (and tbh, better than any boys I know).

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Is there a limit to how fabulous you can look/feel in sweats? The minute I was dressed, I had a sudden urge to crash the nearest holiday party.