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Tfs warehouse not updating

When I came to work today I checked some reports only to find out that the last update of the warehouse was on saturday (the day I did the move).

When I saw this I tried to run a another manual update, and got the error similar to what this post states Post ID=107347&Site ID=1.

I still have my old server running, and there everything works as expected. I had forgotten to run some commands during the move that changed some servernames (This made the new apptier work against the old datatier), after fixing this everything worked.

The only difference now (as I can see) is that the new server uses TFS SP1. When I execute the run command in warehousecontroller.asmx, and then repeatly checks the status, no Running Adapter status is displayed (this may be because I'm not fast enough, but I see this on the other server).

I did the solution that was stated there, rebooted the server, and tried again.

You’ll know you need to do that manual refresh when your TFS2010 reports start tossing off errors like “The Team System cube either does not exist or has not been processed” or “An error has occurred during report processing.

Adding the service permission to the user in AD fixed it. There were event log messages complaining about 0 byte files in the OLAP directory. Cheers, William From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Ian Ceicys Sent: Friday, 18 April 2008 AM To: [email protected]: [Oz TFS] RE: TFS Warehouse not updating Take a look at this: Also: check your event log.

If you're still having problems send another email with more info.

(rs Processing Aborted) Query failed for dataset ‘ds Iteration’.” There are plenty of variations on that second error message depending on which dataset failed – ds Platform, ds Iteration Default, ds Iteration, ds Last Processed Time, ds Iteration Param, etc.

Usually these errors mean that the TFS Job Agent 1) hasn’t run yet or 2) ran but encountered an error. When you run a manual TFS warehouse update, you basically make a bunch of calls to the TFS Warehouse web service by hand. Type the name of your TFS application tier in the TFS2010 Server Name textbox 3.

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Enter in the Setting Id: Run Interval Seconds and in the new Value the number of seconds (3600 is one hour) 5. Open the list of web services again with Foundation/Administration/v3.0/Warehouse Control 2. This can take some time when you have a large database.