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Updating rise of legends

Another simpler move is for Ro N to use 3 instead of 24 races.The Vinci are a technological steampunk race depending on clockwork, steel, steam and electricity, among other things; the Alin are a magical race using three types of magic: fast Sand, aerial Flame, and destructive Glass, and the sci-fi Cuotl are a nation that revels in the bounties of technology and worshipping gods.Angered by the Doge's murder, Giacomo sets on a quest for revenge to avenge Lord Petruzzo.During the campaign he breaks a Venucci siege in Pirata, and their leader Lenora joins him.When Lord Petruzzo Giamba, ruler of the Vinci city of Miana, tries to recover an alien artifact with his brother Giacomo Giamba, General Carlini, and his soldiers, he is attacked by the Doge Alessandri of Venucci, a bloodthirsty warlord.The Doge fires a laser beam at a nearby outcrop, causing an avalanche that crushes Lord Petruzzo and his men.He meets Ix, one of the False Gods who rule the Cuotl, who is searching for a device that is similar to the previous artifacts, which are revealed to be Cuotl technology.Giacomo battles Ix, but is nearly defeated until General Carlini arrives and kills Ix.

Giacomo destroys Venucci with the Doge's weapon, the Doge Hammer.Their armies are saved by Giacomo's friend Arri, who brings them to her father, the king of Alin.The king tells them about the story of Sawu, another Dark Alin who was driven mad by an object that fell from the sky.He later learns that the Doge has escaped with another Hammer to Miana during the battle at Venucci, which the Doge had already destroyed by the time he returned there.Giacomo and General Carlini follow the Doge into the Alin Desert, where they are attacked by the Dark Alin Marwan.

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He builds a robotic walker to stimulate Ix's powers to avenge Carlini's death.