Updating the wiikey

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* Supports DVD-R / True DVD R and DVD RW Support (no bitsetting required!

) * Improved read settings for recordable dvd media and drive speed configuration.

Run Swiss on your PC in the directory you want to serve to your Game Cube/Wii. Make sure that printing debug over USBGecko is disabled in swiss settings first. Games can be booted via nearly every storage device, simply put the ISO on a device such as the SDGecko or the original or a backup of the disc in the drive and select it in Swiss.

* Supports all currently available Wii Console / Drive Versions.

* Supports D2B chipset's that other 1st generation chips didn't support. * Boots different region GC original games and backups (partially without swapping) * Supports Multi-Disc games for BOTH Wii and Gamecube.

* 512 byte EEPROM to store configuration / settings / region override patches etc.

* Easy 6 wires to solder or Quicksolder installation without wires.

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It is recommended to only use this if you're booting Game Cube games as the file system Swiss supports is FAT32 (4GB file limit so Wii games won't work). Update the Wiikey Fusion/WASP to the official 1.5 firmware first, and set region override to true. Place the latest Nightly Build Swiss bootable ISO for your region onto the WBFS formatted SD card using WBFS Manager 4.0. On another SD card (formatted to FAT32), also place the .

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