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The mapping schema maps these element or attribute names to the database table and column names.

If an updategram does not specify a schema, the updategam uses default mapping.

Preferable through a popup where the input (new value) is typed in. This is what I have found, but not working..'Define what our new value will be and place it into a variables Value = "Testvalue"'Get path of script, (scriptfullname), then replace the scriptname with nothing bring us only the path and place it into str Script Pathstr Script Path = replace(wscript.scriptfullname,wscript.scriptname,"")'Create XMLDoc object Set xml Doc = Create Object("Microsoft.

Select Single Node(“/catalog/book[1]”) ‘ add a new child Node Set child Node = o XMLFile. Select Single Node(“/catalog /book[2]/publish_date”) ‘ add its attribute Set new Child Attribute = o XMLFile. Select Nodes("/catalog/book/price/text()") 'Update Single Parent Node Set Title Node = o XMLFile. The mapping-schema attribute identifies the mapping schema to be used by the updategram.If the updategram specifies a mapping schema, the element and attribute names specified in the blocks must match the names in the schema.I would like to have the choice to load which xml file, also via inputbox.. Textstr Input = User Input( "Nieuwe image naam:" )WScript. Weird, cause earlier with the config.xml, which had simple layout (no Child nodes) the script worked.. And how to catch the xml file name to load from userinput? Appreciate your help very much tough Set obj XMLDoc = Create Object("Microsoft. (A well-formed document means not only a tag has to be closed and nesting rule, it means more.) If you still get problem, you tell the forum but not without due diligence.Echo "Nieuwe imagenaam in XML: " & str Input Elem List.item(0).text=str Input'Tweede variable Set Elem List = obj Elements By Tag Name("Filename")plot2 = Elem List.item(0). Or is there a way to enumerate a directory where the xml files are stored, so I can select the appropriate file to edit? I renamed to crosscheck, both cases no output from obj Can't we treat this file as text file ? XMLDOM")obj XMLDoc.async = Falseobj XMLDoc.load("Unattended.xml")obj Set Elem List = obj Elements By Tag Name("Image Name") plot = Elem List.item(0). Echo plotstr Input = User Input( "Nieuwe image naam:" )WScript. English is not my native language, therefor I don't understand what you mean here.. And no, I don't know what a well formatted xml file is... I did change the first line hte minute you told me, to doublecheck I asked you to post the xml you have and it's exactly the same as mine. That's why I posted the vbs, to double check for differences.

updating xml-58updating xml-11updating xml-71

If you were to add the Last Name value to this block, the updategram would use both the Contact ID and Last Name values to search. For this table, Sales Order ID is an IDENTITY-type column.

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