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Sue is fiercely devoted to the family around her, but that often can rub shoulders with Ben on his grumpier days, and she's more often annoyed at her brother Johnny's antics sometimes as well.And don't get her started on the frustrations she can have with her now husband over spending quality time with the family.She also had a familiar named Ebony, a weird cat-like creature that could sense the presence of mystical beings.A shape-shifting alien from the planet Poppup, The being who would be dubbed "The Impossible Man" searched the cosmos for beings he could play with.

Her initial powers seemed to just be invisibility, but after some much needed growth and practice, that was upgrated into "projecting" that invisibility into force fields.After discovering his mother's occult instruments, Doom began to master both magic and technology to seek that revenge, amusing himself by leading the Latverian government on a merry chase while thwarting their attempts to stop him.When word of his exploits inevitably reached the United States, Doom gained the opportunity to study in America.#5 (July, 1962) as the Arch-Enemy of the Fantastic Four.Doom was born in the Fictional Country of Latveria, the son of Romani witch Cynthia Von Doom.

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This eventually leads him to Earth and an encounter with The Fantastic Four.

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