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On computers that do not have a TPM version 1.2 or higher, you can still use Bit Locker to encrypt the Windows operating system volume.

This authentication method protects against attacks that modify early boot components, but the level of protection can be affected by potential weaknesses in hardware or in the early boot components.In addition, Bit Locker offers the option to lock the normal startup process until the user supplies a personal identification number (PIN) or inserts a removable USB device, such as a flash drive, that contains a startup key.These additional security measures provide multifactor authentication and assurance that the computer will not start or resume from hibernation until the correct PIN or startup key is presented.The TPM successfully validates early boot components, and a valid encrypted network key has been provided from the WDS server.This authentication method provides automatic unlock of operating system volumes at system reboot while still maintaining multifactor authentication.

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