Views in youtube not updating dating taking it slowly

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For videos on You Tube to stream successfully to your computer, they rely on a working Internet connection and a stable, compatible browser.If any link in this chain breaks, you'll experience problems.The "menu" button gives you access to the embedding code or to the URL of the You Tube page that shows the video.If you click on the button, the video is smoothly minimized in the left corner and it continues to play.Perplexed, he sent You Tube an email, and received the following response (bold added for emphasis): “Hi there, Thanks for your email.I would like you to know, if a user views the video on the external website itself, it is not added to the view count of the video on You Tube.

Additionally, changes to video and account information on our site such as video view count can take a few hours to update and synchronize.

For each video, you'll be able to see around ten related videos.

You don't have to wait until the video ends to play a new one because they're available as thumbnails if you hover over the video. You can also click on the two arrows to go to the previous / next video.

And indeed, our reader’s video was on a site that autoplayed his video. We use You Tube for all the videos on Elevator Pitches, and we don’t set those to autoplay. Yesterday, we hit play repeatedly on a bunch of videos on Elevator Pitches, and then went over to their You Tube to see if any of the views registered. Then we started watching the videos on You Tube itself. At the time of this post the video has been viewed only 490 times.

(For more on how the various video sites count views, see this Tube Mogul report). We’ll see if we can move that number up at all from here.

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Update: We’ve received word from a You Tube spokesperson who told us: Viewcounts are important to the community and are a reflection of the interests and intents of video viewers.

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