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Violence in teen dating relationships

These pressures may come from the dating partner or even expectations from peers.One in ten teenagers involved in a romantic relationship report being “kissed, touched, or physically forced” to have sex against their will by a boyfriend or girlfriend. Emotional and psychological abuse are common and can cause victims to suffer irreparable harms.Each year, approximately one out of every 10 high school students, or 1.5 million teenagers, is physically abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend.Physical abuse can include hitting, smacking, striking, kicking, hair pulling, and strangling.If you are the parent of a teenager, take the initiative this February to speak with your teen about teen dating violence.If you suspect that your teen is committing teen dating violence, make sure you discuss the criminal consequences of such actions with them.She recalls disciplining her three-year-old son, and in her scolding he told her his ‘’ (pointing to the room in which she was frequently abused) and beat her when he got home. Tanisha knew at that moment if she didn’t leave her partner the abuse cycle would repeat.

In 2010, the month of February was also officially designated by Congress as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.This can be fine when both teenage partners are willing and consenting participants.When teens are in a romantic relationship, which tend to be short-lived and fraught with complex emotions, there may be pressures to engage in sexual activity.Once when I refused, he threw me down a flight of stairs. I remember, he use to cut me all over my body with a knife. If I so much as spoke with another guy, he would hit me.

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Sadly, many of these youth fear reporting the abuse, so the number of abuse incidents is likely much higher than is documented.