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Wagga Wagga has three sister Cities: Leavenworth in the USA, Nördlingen in Germany and Kunming in China.Wagga Wagga has a Sister City Walkway commemorating the relationship with these cities, located on the western side of Baylis Street, between Morgan and Forsyth Streets (adjacent to the ANZ Bank).

C., in 1956 when President Eisenhower emphasised the need for a programme to bring the people of the world closer together in the interests of peace.Nearby stands the remarkable Kunming Stone Forest, a world-heritage listed limestone formation.The affiliation of Wagga Wagga with Leavenworth was established in 1962.Established in 1917, the Diocese of Wagga Wagga has a rich faith tradition; our faith communities are nourished and sustained by the sacramental life of the church administered and accessed through 31 parishes.If you are seeking help, you can call on the diocesan agencies that offer material assistance, spiritual direction and family counselling.

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