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Oriental Art Magazine, summer issue 1997 containing two articles about the Xuande shipwreck and its controversial ceramic cargo. It provides the background for his discovery of ten historical shipwrecks and their excavation.

A lifetime’s experience with sailing and naval architecture allows Sjostrand to bring new understanding to ancient ship construction and allows him to set the ships and their ceramic cargoes in historical perspective.

Significantly, the artefacts include a major cargo of some 37,000 pieces Chinese kraak porcelain that the authors (after thorough analysis) assign to /- 1625.was incorporated on the recommendation of the Malaysian authorities.This was done in order to formalize and to expand on the company’s researcher’s extensive knowledge of Asia’s ceramic developments and maritime trade.After finding, excavating or investigating seven ancient shipwrecks, the company assisted the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur to establish an exhibition showcasing artefacts from the shipwrecks.This exhibition is commemorated in a special exhibition catalogue. Brown and another article by Sten Sjostrand This book is written by the company’s principal researcher; Sten Sjostrand.

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The excavation of The Wanli Shipwreck in Malaysia’s territorial waters is only the latest chapter in their joint efforts to illuminate history through projects in maritime archaeology.

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