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"Rob and I were good friends way back when he was starting out," Duritz says of the Matchbox Twenty frontman and solo star.

"They were a little bit after us, but we had some mutual friends and we became pretty good friends.

But it would explain a lot about behavior that uninformed observers might consider self-indulgent or, well, douchey.

In fact, if there's any stereotype that Duritz fits, it's the tortured artist. In my 20 years of interviewing celebrities, I don't think I've ever run across an interview subject who sounded more depressed, or was more willing to talk about his depression."I've gotten a lot of shit together in the last six or seven years," Duritz said.

It was orchestrated by a publicist who asked, several times, that I talk specifically about the new Counting Crows album, I was so ready to make fun of Adam Duritz, you have no idea. Of course, I knew about his mental illness going into the interview, but I didn't realize how noticeable an effect it appeared to have on his personality.

(He says they're extensions.) I want to make fun of him, too. And this interview was the perfect opportunity to confirm his douchiness for the ages.

Let's just say there are some people here who would really like to meet you.' And I was like, ' Well, yeah, but is it Prince?

"I have this dissociative disorder which makes other people emotionally a very dicey proposition to deal with."This was the perfect lead-in to a discussion about Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, whom Duritz dated back-to-back in the '90s. It's not only rude to bring it up, it's unoriginal, since nearly every article written about Duritz mentions his famous "Friends" at least in passing.(He's also been linked with Emmy Rossum and Mary-Louise Parker.) That's when Duritz’s publicist interrupted, revealing her presence on the line and admonishing me with "no more personal questions, please." To his credit, Duritz overrode the warning."I don't like that it became the only thing they wrote, but that's their problem," he said, referring to the tabloids."It wasn't great for me, it wasn't great for my band. I'm not gonna link people's idiocy to my choices, because those were perfectly reasonable choices.But that fact alone, I felt, also made it my job to at least try.I eased into the topic by asking if Duritz ever regretted the decision to openly date these and other female celebrities.

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  1. I present with albinism (light hair, very pale skin), but unless you were familiar with that condition before we met, it’s unlikely you would have suspected me anything other than “ginger”.