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Who is dating kristin davis

Kristin Davis stripped down to her bikini top and colorful shorts to hit the beach yesterday afternoon in St. While her Sex and the City costar Sarah Jessica Parker was trying to stay warm at her premiere in London, Kristin was basking in a very different climate.

Keeping Kristin company on her latest vacation is her boyfriend, the photographer Russell James.

The traditional "husband" and "wife" roles do not appeal to Davis, and she abhors jealousy and possessiveness since she feels that no person truly "belongs" to another.

Kristin Davis appreciates relationships in which her love partner allows her plenty of freedom and is not very emotionally demanding.

Kristin Davis also has a lazy streak and sometimes avoids confronting difficult issues in relationships simply because it seems like too much trouble and too petty.

Kristin likes to socialize and will use any excuse to celebrate with friends.

Open and generous, Kristin Davis enjoys a wide circle of friends and acquaintances and she thrives on sociability and fellowship.

Kristin is attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling, and to people who can expand her horizons, teach her something, or show Davis places and worlds she has never experienced before.

Sharing a philosophy or ideal with her love partner is important to her.

Kristin Davis shares whatever she has freely and her friends know they can always count on Kristin's generosity and support - both emotional and material.

Her good-hearted acceptance and tolerance of others' foibles goes a long way toward maintaining harmony in her relationships.

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She is temperamental and impatient and can be very difficult to live with.

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  1. Deep down, she doesn't really enjoy being with him. Since "girls use sex to get love, and guys use love to get sex," a couple will have sex before marriage. The guy does it because he wants it even more than the relationship itself. Now that I'm out of college and many people around me are getting married, I'm seeing it happen all the time.