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He’s been doing it, pushing for increased immigration into Philadelphia for a long time.” [cbs-clip-player content_id=60475665 size=small station=327 “Mayor Kenney feels very strongly about this.Jim Kenney deserves an enormous amount of credit because, as a Councilman, even dating back to the time that I was Mayor and Jim was in Council, he was the one always agitating that we should be a more open and friendly city for immigrants.Alerted that the singer was working out in a local gym, admirers apparently raced to catch a glimpse.Among them, according to reports, were two adoring fifth-grade teachers who drove an hour to see the rocker hired by Donald Trump.Do modern educated women really aspire to be beauty queens?) and the father of eight’s involvement with a midstate resident a decade his junior. The other heart-stopping news concerned a Father’s Day visit by Bret Michaels.With Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in Philadelphia meeting with Mayor Jim Kenney over his edicts not to cooperate with the department in the reporting of undocumented immigrants, former Mayor and Governor Ed Rendell is recommending compromise.Rendell, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, hopes the two sides can reach an agreement for better cooperation.

We're not sure if Ed Rendell describes all his friends as "stunning," but he did use the term yesterday about Peruvian-born beauty Lucia Zapatero, with whom he was spotted brunching Saturday at Parc on Rittenhouse Square.Of course, the writer also claimed to be involved in an exclusive relationship with Sheryl Crow. In fact, no one I know is dating the octodad, although, inexplicably, a revolving door of candidates seem to vie for the attention of the unemployed 33-year-old.Here, in a city on the brink of bankruptcy, in a state drowning in red ink, the big news last week involved speculation about the governor and the beauty queen (What’s with that?“There are arguments for being a sanctuary city because some of the people that are sought really shouldn’t be deported, but I think, on balance, and again, I hate to second guess a sitting Mayor, because there’s only one Mayor, I think we should try to work out an agreement with Secretary Johnson about how this can be done with some form of review for people that we think shouldn’t be deported and still cooperate.I would try to reach an agreement if I were still Mayor, but I know that Mayor Kenney feels very strongly about this.

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Mr Rendell, 67, who famously lost 60 pounds while battling rumours he was having an affair with a blonde beauty pageant winner, made the announcement to friends in an email.